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Credit Suisse (group) sponsorship - terms and conditions

By completing and submitting this form, the group members will enter into an agreement with Plan International who administers the group sponsorships.

The group sponsorships will last for one year and will automatically be renewed for the following year if payment of the yearly sponsorship fee is made by the group-members (hereinafter “Member Fee”). The group sponsorships will end without notice of termination, if the Member Fee for the following year is not fully paid.

Plan International is not allowed to make any group member liable for outstanding amounts of another group member. However, if there are any unpaid or partially unpaid Member Fees, the sponsorship will not be renewed for the following year, unless the remaining group members nominate a new member.

If a CS employee who participated in a group sponsorship leaves CS, the membership in the group sponsorship ends on the termination date of the employment contract. Plan International is allowed to offer to these former CS employees once other sponsoring opportunities.

Plan International will send to the contact person a yearly report about the sponsored child and its community.

Plan International will send to each group member a donation receipt.

By submitting this registration form, you hereby agree to the processing of your data, including the data that you submit as part of this registration form as well as any other data about you collected by Plan International in the course of and in connection with the group sponsorship (e.g. name, address, payment information, travel details, as relevant) as described below:

  • Plan International is authorized to process your data in connection with the group sponsorship. In this context, you agree that, to the extent necessary, your data may be disclosed to Credit Suisse (your name, and otherwise, anonymized data) and third parties, including across national borders, where it may be processed and held. You understand that such transferred abroad is subject to the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions where it is transferred, held and processed, and is not subject to Swiss laws and regulations. Foreign laws and regulations may not offer a level of confidentiality or data protection as Swiss laws and regulations offer, and may compel Plan International or others to disclose your data, in whole or in part, to authorities or other third parties.
  • Plan International is further authorized to contact once Credit Suisse employees who have terminated their employment with Credit Suisse with sponsorship opportunities of Plan International.
  • Your data will be not be used for any purposes other than described above.